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June 12, 2004
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I'm interested to know what software any skinners out there use to create their skins with. I can do the graphics already using ZBrush, v cool program, the interface is a bit weird at first but you seen get used to it. I thnk.

But how do you actually put the skin together? Do I *have* to learn XML stuff? Or can you get (recommend) WYSIWYG XML editor type things?

Just looking for pointers really...


ps. The program seems really great so far. Nice work all concerned!


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  • April 22, 2004
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    XML is nothing but a way to tell MP the coordinates of every item on screen.
    You can also give the color of text, transparency if graphics etc etc.

    It is really simple.
    We hope to have a guide for this later on.

    I use notepad :) and Gimp most of the time.
    Though more advanced texteditors r around wich can be very handy.


    gimp is good to calculate the coordinates. personally i like dremwaever for the xml cos it has colors for tags and for undo functions than notepad!!! hotdog is fine too....


    Hey guys, I've been a long time user of myHTPC and although i like the product, it just doesn't give me any real control of skinning (not until meedio comes out in July). So, I would love to do my own skins but I'm just a little lost of how mp interacts with the xml files. Is it possible to diable certain buttons through skinning also?

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