How to map arrow keys and media keys in Translator (1 Viewer)

Bas Harbers

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January 29, 2018
Australia Australia
Hi guys,
Seems like a noob question but I am trying to control itunes with an apple remote (white rounded one).
Translator receives the IR commands from the remote but I want to map it to iTunes keyboard shortcuts.
Arrow keys left, right, and media hotkeys volume up, volume down.

I can't figure out how to do this!
Anyone got any ideas?

Bas Harbers


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August 27, 2014
France France
You need to associate Events to Commands in Translator left pane, for each application (or system-wide).
1. Add the iTune Application using the + button in the upper left pane. Make sure you select iTune once added.
2. Create a new button mapping using the + button on the bottom left pane (or Ctrl + N)
3. Press the Key on the remote that you want to associate.
4. Double click on this key from the Events Tab (or press Enter). This Insert this Key into the command (left pane).
5. You must now select a command to execute when this key/event occurs. To do that select the Commands tab in the right pane.
6. Go to: Commands > User Input > Keystroke Command (double click). In the Text Box, type the key you want to map. To insert special keys or modifiers, do mousse-right-click. In the contextual menu, you have "Special Keys" where you can select the keys you want to map.
You can also check this guide for the Keystroke commands: Keystrokes Syntax
7. When done, press OK button.
You can now add another command. Don't forget to Save when it's done (Ctrl+S)

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