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  • June 30, 2011
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    I have a multiseat setup running MP 1.3, Consisting of a stand alone server and two client PCs. All PCs are set to static IPs.

    From time to time (once every two days) on the clients I get a connection to server lost message. When I click on the message it goes away and the client can reconnect again. Since this setup is in a larger network it might be that during the night they reset a switch or something else happens. Maybe also the server has some kind of trouble but he underlying source can't be determined easily since I build the setup for someone in another town and can't access it remotely.

    My question is now is there a way to react on that server connection lost message programmatically, so that when the clients detects that there is a connection problem, that he tries to reconnect after 2 minutes or restarts itself or something in that direction? The clients and the server are running 24/7, but the users only watch TV for some hours so a restart in the night (better when needed) wouldn't be a problem.

    So I'm looking for ideas how to avoid the users see this message and the clients tries to reconnect after a certain timeout.

    any suggestions?

    thanks in advance.
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