how to record TV direct to MPG on MCE system? (1 Viewer)


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January 7, 2006
I am running MediaPortal on a MCE-2005 system. When recording TV it is recording to the @#%'ing DVR-MS format. Is there a way to get either MP or MCE to record to "standard" MPG format instead? I know I can convert the resultant file but I would prefer to record direct to MPG in the first place.

I am currently using ATI MPEG MULTIPLEXER with XTASY Theater 550, I will also soon be installing a Hauppauge 500 as well. I will probably be using the 550 for viewing and the 500 for recording.



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January 6, 2006
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as far as i am aware you have to record to dvr-m$ still...pain in the wotsit really but thats the way it is :?

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