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December 20, 2005
I couldn't find a conclusive topic on how to do this, so I made one.

Follow these instructions on how to remove the WMP visualisations from My Music, and display the album art as a static image (I only know this works for the BlueTwo skin in 0.2RC1 and 0.2RC2, but it may work for 1.3 and other skins..)

Alternatively you can download a pre-edited copy from (this version enlarges the album art, repositions the time display, and creates a single non scrolling tag for the mp3 title)

1. Edit musicOverlay.xml in Program Files/Team MediaPortal/MediaPortal/skin/BlueTwo (IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY FIRST)
2. Find the 'music rectangle' and 'music logo' objects, and replace them with the following code:

<description>music rectangle</description>
<description>music logo</description>

3. Save and try

Hopefully you should now have your album art displayed in static form without the WMP visualisations flashing round every few seconds. I know it's a bit of a rubbish hack, but it works for now. If you want to adjust how big the album art is, just alter the <width> and <height> tags to suit.


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