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  • March 1, 2008
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    This is just a quick tutorial for those who must rely on DXVA for playback of H.264 encoded files and needs subtitles for a full movie experience. I've been struggling with the MCE replacement driver and other IR software but can't get the hang of it so this was my solution.

    For the latest SVN of MPC-HC click here.

    How to:
    Basically you want to be able to pause, play, stop, rwd, ffd, enable/disable subs, change subs, change the AR and bring the OSD up with your remote. First of all you must enable the external player in
    MP > configuration > videos > video player

    In the ext. player box, browse for your MPC-HC .exe
    In the parameters box enter "%filename% /play /close", without the qoutes. This makes MPC close itself after playback and brings you back to MP.

    Now its time to configure the remote in MPC-HC. Open the player and press "o" to open up the options window. Go to: player > keys. The buttons on the remote that I found so far that works are: play, pause, stop, skip, previous track, ffd, rwd, up, down, left right, back, record, pg up, pg dn, enter/select and all the numbers. There're probably more... but these are enough for now.

    Start with the "play" command. Under the column "app command" there's a drop down box with many options. Select MEDIA_PLAY to set the MCE remote play button to the command "play". Then continue to the command "exit" and again, use the "app command" drop down box to select MEDIA_STOP. This closes the player and brings you back to MP. Next, do the same with the pause command and select MEDIA_PAUSE.

    Now we need to be able to use skip steps. MPC has 3 different skip steps that can be set in MPC-HC's options under: "Tweeks". Set your preferred time on small, medium and large steps. If you set the small step to 15000 ms that means that you skip 15 sec every time you press that button.

    Back to the keys settings in MPC. Under "jump forward (small)" enable, for example, the right button on your remote by selecting VK_RIGHT under the"Key" column. Make sure that you have set the modifier column to "none". While you're at it do the same for "Jump backward (small)", but enable the left button (VK_LEFT) this time. The medium step can be mapped to "ffd/rwd" by selecting MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD and MEDIA_REWIND, under the "app command" column. The large steps can be mapped to "skip/prev" by selecting MEDIA_NEXTTRACK and MEDIA_PREVIOUSTRACK in the "app command" column. Note: be sure that you've set the correct column. "Key" or "app command"

    By this time you should get a hang of it. The keys that you do next is the "on/off subtitle", "next subtitle", "next AR preset" (These ARs can be configured in MPC to your liking) and the "remaning time" wich brings up the ugly OSD. Basically you can set any command in MPC to a button on your remote.

    For the remaining keys this is what needs to be done under the "app command" column:
    ch. up: MEDIA_CHANNEL_UP
    prev/back: BROWSER_BACK
    This is also the column where you set the volume controls (if used) with: MEDIA_VOLUME_UP/DOWN and MUTE

    And under the "key" column these are the corresponding commands (be sure to set the modifier column to "none" under all.
    numbers: 1,2,3... (do not use VK_NUMPAD#)
    arrows: VK_UP/DOWN
    enter/select: VK_RETURN


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    January 21, 2009
    I am using mce remote with imon which came with Antec Fusion. VMC works perfectly though. Navigation via the mce remote with its internal player poses no issue at all.

    The mce remote navigates fine within MP with streamedmp skin but fails to respond upon a media file is played. I tried both internal and external player as suggested above. I followed those instructions above but I simply cannot get mpc to respond even to a simple play or stop button from the remote.

    Wonder any one has any luck?


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    May 5, 2008
    lol what a coincedence, was just thinking about making a topic about this.
    Hope it will work, although CoreAVC will work great as well on my laptop, I prefer to use my videocard so it won't use any CPU. Also, directvobsub won't work with MKV files (not with embedded subs) in Mediaportl, and MPC-HC doesn't have this problem..


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    May 5, 2008
    For people with big FullHD LCD tv's like me:
    You need to enable Direct3D fullscreen to remove the tearing from the 720P MKV's. Unfortunatly, your buttonmapping (media) won't work anymore, so you need to map them into other buttons (like 1,2,3,4,5, etc).
    I'm also not sure if hardware acceleration is working in this D3D mode. Thats something I need to find out :)


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  • January 19, 2009
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    I am fraid new MP SNV brings Cannot play message everytime you open video and get back to MP.

    Yes I too have found that when using MPC-HC as my default player.

    Even though there are some advantages to using MPC-HC I have gone back to using the internal one due to the above message and also I do like the additional controls (I press 'i' on my MCE remote to get the full info for the movie and full navigational controls) which I can't seem to get when using an external player.

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