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November 17, 2018
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I know this thread is ancient but i too have recently had the same problem with the final release of Media Portal 2.2. The only way i could stop the recording was by going into schedule and deleting them from there. But alas you delete your recording. I could not stop it another way. I ran log collector. Please find attached its results



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    I moved your posting from the MP1 thread to here.

    The only way i could stop the recording
    You can stop the recording for example by deleting the running recording from the the context menu of the respective file in the "Recorded show" menu view. Another possibility is to select the show in the full EPG and "OK" it once again.

    If the above is not working then you probably did not define credentials in the setup.


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    I can understand you are struggeling. The current bahaviour is not very consistant and I raised already a discussion to improve it.
    • You can't stop a manual recording from the EPG. You have to enter the schedules and stop it after enabling "show manual schedules".
      • Should: Selecting the EPG entry, that you are recording needs to offer an option to stop the recording
    • Pressing the recording button while recording does not offer an option to stop the recording
      • Should: Whenever a recording is running, pressing the recording button should offer an option to stop it immediately
    If above is exactly you expected, a feedback would be good. More feedbacks mean a higher probability to fix it sooner ;)


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    November 17, 2018
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    I only have basic programming knowledge but I'm thinking even if the programming code behind the record button had an icon change once pressed to a square icon (for stop) and had an added stop recording function that called a separate stop recording class script might be all it needs yeah? I'll check in my configuration settings to see if there was something i missed there but is all I can think of without looking at source or language coded. I understand this will mean a re-package to add the code and I do understand it was a final release version.

    But honestly all of you have done a fantastic job with this final release all in all. It has been effortless for me to setup the server and clients on various PC's throughout my house to use my Media PC's tuner card when not in use. I'm very impressed. Everything i had issues with before it have all been addressed and this seems the only issue I can see after extensive testing (meaning it is my main free to air program I use all the time).

    Edit: I had a look at it and stopping it from the EPG works fine for manual recording. Thanks for the tips everyone and keep up the great work.
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