How to stream Audio / Video playlist @ local network for several clients? (1 Viewer)


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August 12, 2006
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It´s been a while... I build a house and now I´m running 2 TV servers from my data center. I have 7 clients running at different rooms. And here is what I "need": I need to be able to play same audio or movie file, or a playlist (at the same time) at different rooms...
So is there a way to stream (playlist file), for example from tv server? I could leave it running there and connect my clients on that... I read that you can do that with vlc, like a local radio or tv cahnnel, but I rather do it with my MediaPortal... The thing is that if I could do that, I could create amazing sound system to my house. You could walk around and be able to hear the same music or movie at every room etc... :)
Please somebody help me... this is important for me.
Thanks guys... :)


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    This is not possible with Mediaportal. Use a dedicated sound system like Sonons or Squeezebox instead if you want the different clients to play in sync. Or you use one MP client and distribute the same signal to all rooms.

    I use MP for all media apart music/radio. I use Squeezeboxes with Spoitify for music. Plays in sync in several rooms.


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    August 12, 2006
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    Yes, I realize that it´s not currently possible, BUT I was thinking if some developer will catch this on and apply this in the future? It is possible with VLC Player and something like that was my suggestion... Mabye a new option for music player, configuration at the TV server?
    Thank you for your replay anyway... :)

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