HOWTO: Leverage PVR350 Hardware MPEG encoding? (1 Viewer)


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January 13, 2005
Hi all,

this may be a dump question, so please bear with a NEWBIE. I tried to find the answer searching in the forum, but did not succeed.

Within my HTPC I have two TV cards: a PVR 350 and a Cinergy DVB-T 1200.

Now, the PVR350 has hardware MPEG encoding built-in. I'd assume that this implies that - due to the fact the decoding is done by hardware - the MPEG encoding does not impact the CPU, right ?

So, how can I benefit from this? Is it possible to re-direct the MPEG encoding for the DVB-T card to be done by the PVR350?

Can it be as simply as setting the HAUPPAUGE PVR350 MPEG Codec as the default for watching TV?

Any help would be appreciated...




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  • December 7, 2004
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    The PVR350 has a hardware encoder so it does lower the cpu usage a lot. It does not have any part in the decoding process and is left to the codec. DVB-T cards do not need mpeg encoding because the digital stream comes already in mpeg2 format.

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