I know how to get the Compro t-200 remote to work with MP! (1 Viewer)


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January 28, 2005
I'm struggling a bit with this. I've somehow managed to get HIP working and with a test file, I configured the Play/Pause button on my remote, to 'press' the space bar, but it's going to take me some time to program all the Media Player functions, especially since I can't find which keyboard buttons do what.

Has someone already fully configured it? If so, is it possible to use an existing file or would I have to make changes to make it work on my PC?

Also. in the Media Portal Configuration module, in the 'Remote' section, do I need to set anything up?

I have a Compro DVB-T300 card and remote. I'm using the latest Compro drivers.



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February 27, 2007
Okay, i have figured it out now. This is how i got it working...

1) Install the latest drivers for the card and download and install the latest version of ComproDTV.

2) It you do not want ComproDTV installed all the time on your computer, go to 'C:\Program File\Common Files\VideoMate' and grab a copy of 'comproremote.exe' and save it some where else on your computer.

3) Now download HIP from... http://www.byremote.com.au/ Go to the software page and then select HIP downloads. Download the full package and install. Run up HIP and then cancel out of the wizard.

4) Now download Compro2HIP from ... http://www.byremote.com.au/ Go to the software page, select HIP Downloads, then select HIP extra in the top right corner. Download and then extract the zip file into a folder in HIP called Compro2HIP. Run the Install Compro2HIP and click the install button.

5) If you are removing ComproDTV then copy 'comproremote.exe' into this folder and then create a shortcut in your Startup (Start Menu) folder pointing to this file. Now run the program so the ComproRemote icon is in the system tray.

6) Now download the 'Message Plugin' from this site... https://www.team-mediaportal.com/files/Download/Plugins/Input and install.

7) Download the attached file and rename it so the extension is a .HIP file. Import this file into HIP by opening HIP and choosing the File menu and 'Open Configuration'.

Hopefully it should then all work. Start Media Portal up and try to use the blue key pad to move the menu selection around.


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August 22, 2006
Extra Help

Thanks Leaskovski, worked for me just as described but thought would add 2 additional bits of info for problems I ran into.
Probably newby errors but found
-I needed to install all (not just grider default) HIP components (Helps if I read posts fully). I think the MCE component is used?
-I needed to activate the "general HID device" in mediaportal configuration remote section (read https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/newcomers-forum-240/remote-control-totally-baffled-40145/) to get the HIP generated messages recieved.:)


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July 9, 2006
United Kingdom United Kingdom
There is a new version of comro remote up on comprousa.com that allows you to program the buttons to HID functions removing the need for HIP


If youve got a compro card i highly suggest you upgrade your remote driver as it also reacts a LOT quicker and lets you hold down buttons instead of pressing repeatadly


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October 8, 2008
hi, i know this thread is old, but its related.. about a year ago i installed vista 64bit but hip wouldnt work with the 64 bit edition, searching the net confirmed this.. im about to install the 64 bit again.. anyone have any ideas on how to get a compro remote working without hip?


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July 9, 2006
United Kingdom United Kingdom
dunno if its 64bit compatiable but theou to newest driver package allows you to customise most of the keys by right clicking on the taskbar icon


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October 8, 2008
yea funny you mention that...

well i found out after days of searching someone is using version 2.xxx on vista 64 bit. so i tried it.. it works. its just version 3.xx that doesnt work.. which is important stuff, theres heaps of people out there with the same issue, one person even made compro2aw which sends commands to the active window rather than hip because they couldnt get hip working..

so with hip installed i tried to install compro2hip, install said it couldnt find compro remote software running, even tho it is. i also noticed the different remote software which was running, which was the software m.standish mentioned.. ive never seen this before! right clicking on that remote icon on the tasktray, one of the options was HID, and there was a different interface allowing more control, definately different software than i had seen previously. so i installed older software from the archive on the comprousa website... it was the same.. tried older software again and still the same.. went back to the first release of compro DTV2 (afterwhich was 3 and now 4. so this is pretty old) and still the same! i tried version 1 but its not compatible with my card, it only supported few old cards. i still dont know why i am seeing this remote software when on xp i was seeing something different, i pulled out my old hard drive which still had the xp installation, and had compro 3 installed, and it was different to that i was seeing in vista! it was called comproremotedtv, in the vista machine it had installed an exe called comproremote. so this different filename is why the compro2hip installer was saying an error. i just clicked install anyways, and it works perfectly!

so i have a compro remote with hip on a vista 64 bit system :)

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