I WAS unable to play video files, TV series and movies. But it appeared to be something simple. (1 Viewer)


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  • January 26, 2013
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    Last days I was struggling to get my videos, TV-Series and Movies working. Every time I tried to play a file, Mediaportal told me that he wasn't able to play it. I received a notification like this:


    In the logs I couldn't find anyting. It was telling me that it was an unknown format (from MKV to MP4 etc.). I was working with LAV and I was checking the extensions in LAV and in the MediaPortal Configurator. All seems to be fine.

    I tried to change the codecs back to the default Microsoft decoder, but without any luck.

    In my configuration I started to review everything step by step and it appeared to be a simple checked feature:


    I checked the 'Use external player' box, but I hadn't specified the path / filename of the external player.

    The logs nor Mediaportal weren't telling me that the external player couldn't be found. So I just didn't realize it was so simple.

    I unchecked the box and voila, all was working.

    I'm posting this because other user could experience the same problem. And maybe my post is the solution. ;)

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