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    i have a dream. :p

    It would be nice to have personalized MP Profiles which are (online / cloud / offline) stored.
    They could include:
    • Revision of MP and compatible plugins (Some users might want to stick to 1.3)
    • Data, such as recordings (not the files, just the scheduled and persisting ones as DB), tv / Radio channels, databases, etc.
    • Plugins, like what plugins are installed, and/or should be updated etc.
    • Settings, such as generall configuration, refresh rate, audio channels, GUI Settings, Plugin Settings, etc.
    With that kind of profiles, it could be very comfortable to set up new clients or renew them after OS reinstall.
    For myself is always hard to remember which plugins I use in which client and how the Settings (sometimes because of hardware setup) have been correct.

    Would be a dream to have something like a reference client hardware design / setup which could be cloned just to another room. Just get the same stuff again (Hardware, Monitor, tv, Sound System), set up a Basic OS, download MPEM, choose Profile... there you go!

    Any ideas or comments about this?

    Update: After reading an other thread in german support it seems to be just one more little step to perform MP Updates/Upgrades through MPEM. MPEM could be the tool which has all information stored to perform an Update/Upgrade (MP Core, Plugins, Skins and Settings) for THIS profile with a minimum of irritation. Not the best comparision, but like iOS Updates OTA. Smart, simple, perfect.

    With something like a "network plan", connecting my profiles MPEM could take even more care of my system.
    It could say "Hmm, dude, be carefull. Updating this client to xyz will make it incompatible to your MP Server Profile. Remember to update it to minimum xyz too."

    Having online profiles which know what happend to other devices in the same MP network it could even perform checks like that while MP starts or is started. Giving advices or hints about incompatibility etc.
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    Looks like you need to have several Mediaportal.xml files ;)
    Or for some settings several sqlite database copies.

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