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  • December 17, 2006
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    Re: AW: Ideas for Picture sction in 1.3

    Since there are a lot of ideas already i just wanted to say THANK YOU! for planing to improve the picture section.


    7. add a panorama mode (pictures wider than the screen are scrolling slow from left to right)
    8. show goetagged photos on an map or jump google earth like from photo to photo
    9. picture slideshow while listen to radio or music
    10. ...
    9. You can already start music playback and then start a picture slideshow. Unfortunatly, when music playback is over there
    is no way to start music again without stopping the slideshow.
    You can also put a playlist in the picture folder. Call it folder.m3u (if I recall correctly) and MP will start it with the slideshow.


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  • December 29, 2009
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    10. Be able to select a folder and view the pictures in the subfolder without to have to go into each subfolder and view slideshow from there. (If this is possible now, I would like to know about it)
    Use the R.Slideshow button. That stands for Recursive Slideshow.
    Thanks rekenar, it was translated wrong in icelandic, as right slideshow!!. But this works as it should be. :D


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    June 30, 2008
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    I will for sure contribute with testing and ideas if the My Pictures sections gets a revisit :) One feature I would die for is exif (date taken ) sort even in folder view. Integrate a slide show screensaver into MP would also be nice :)



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  • April 11, 2005
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    So, I had time to check my old post (from this thread:, has many good ideas). The important ones for me would be:

    1. Picture import:
    - Allow quick selecting of ranges of pictures ordered by date, pre-select useful ranges automatically (e.g. camera has pictures from April 27th from 14:00 - 19:00 and pictures from May 1st, group by day. If camera has pictures every day from Jan 3rd to Jan 10th, select all of them, since they will be a holiday session)
    - Allow custom renaming scheme (e.g. my scheme is YYYY_MM_DD BatchName IMG_####.jpg, others will do differently)
    - Allow tagging during import (of each batch)
    - Start downloading of pictures as soon as card/camera is connected and continue importing during time user enters data for import (saves time). Discard import if not needed to be imported later
    - Allow Geo-Tagging during import
    - Define existing/new folders for the image to be placed
    - integrate picasas people recognition feature already on import (e.g. start picasa in the background and let it do it's work)

    2. Picture management / views
    - Views should be Folders, Date Taken (Year, Month, Day depth selectable), Album Date Taken (sort Albums/Directories by date taken range), Tags (as in EXIF or other Metadata), People (as from .picasa.ini), Location (Map View?), Location (Text?), Stars Rating, EXIF Metadata like Camera, ISO, Flash, F, etc.
    - Allow filtering by all the data defined above
    - Add search capability searching all data for pictures (dates, people, filename, tags, folder names, etc.)
    - Include Video (and maybe rename the myPicture plugin to the MyLife Plugin ;-) ). <-- this was before video was available. Consistency would be nice here
    - Sync properly to changes made outside of MP (esp. on NAS). Update local database if needed using a watcher.
    - Allow taging, people tagging, rotating, starring & geo-tagging within MP and be compatible about that (store to EXIF Metadata). But also make this an option, since some people are paranoid about SW modifying their pics even if it is in the metadata section (which is what it is for...)
    - Overall try to do the picture management similar to picasa, since it is one of the best. Use picasas metadata where possible (like people recognition)

    3. Display
    - Good thumbnails is everything for picture display, so increase quality
    - Provide better looking album/directory/group thumbnails. Maybe not use 4 pics, but just one and allow user to change. <-- This was changed, can still be improved
    - The Ken Burns effect is one of the best ways to show pictures. It can be enhanced by using the people metadata (provided by picasa). It contains rectangles of peoples faces. The Ken-Burns should use these either as starting or end point references.
    - Add an effect like iPad picture frame: Show 1 large picture with several pictures around it. Use Metadata to group smartly.
    - Speed: Showing pictures needs to be a speedy experiance so good caching is needed esp. if pics reside on NAS
    - RAW is nice but only viable if we use external SW to handle RAW format (every model changes format, so even large picture driven SW like picasa is having a hard time keeping up). So either use the CODECS provided by manufacturers or use external conversian program to provide jpg copy for display <--- for me no big need, jpg is enough for me.


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  • February 4, 2011
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    I've got another one... What about the idea to fill the background with a faded zoom of the picture if the
    picture has a different aspect ratio than the screen (which will be given in most cases).
    This way the black areas left and right or above and below the picture would disappear.
    There was a thread about this but I can't find it at the moment...


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    November 14, 2006
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    I've got another one... What about the idea to fill the background with a faded zoom of the picture if the
    picture has a different aspect ratio than the screen (which will be given in most cases).
    This way the black areas left and right or above and below the picture would disappear.
    There was a thread about this but I can't find it at the moment...
    This has to be an option if it's implemented. I would much rather have the black bars.

    I would like a search function that can search for picture metadata (tags, description, peapols, geotags, etc). And also the possibilty to add tags or description. I use Windows Live Phote Gallary for this today.


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  • December 17, 2010
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    Is there any dev who cares about the picture section for 1.3?
    Don't look so..:cry:


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    February 7, 2010
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    Anyone knows iPhoto on Mac? I would love to have events. Its like the intelligent sorting by date and every event has a picture/icon of one photo in this event which i can choose by my self.
    Like the screen on this MacBook. (no comment to osx and the "new" fullscreen mode, please)

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