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October 7, 2008
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And you redirect your 'Log' folder via MediaPortalDirs.xml file.........

This problem persists in 1.0.1.

For people that use 'Log' folder redirection, please make sure you do NOT delete the original 'Log' folder from the default location (C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\). If you do, you may get a random "MediaPortal has stopped working" crash when using MediaPortal, most often in TVSeries plugin when you constantly browsing through the series. In Windows Event Viewer, you will see an error caused by fontengine.dll.

Once the 'Log' folder is recreated and FontEngine.dll can write the FontEngine.log file, the error goes away.

Thanks to Ltfearme's bug report! Helped my tracked down the cause. :D


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