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December 27, 2005
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First id like to thank the developers of his grat peice of software. Since MCE had been i had always liked the idea of them, but didnt like the cost, i couldnt really afford it, so decided to build my own PC, and just use it normally. i found this software lat night, nd have been extremely impressed wih it. I would like to ask a few questions about the what can be done with the package. some of these questios may be a little to noodie like, so please be gentle! also, some of them may be only answered by UK users.

here they are:
1) Is it possible to access MSN messene throught the system, like what is possible through MCE? i was watching a video through the program, and left clicked, a menu came up saying "MSN Messenger contacts", but coldnt see it, as it displayed behind the video?

2) I Live in the UK, how do i get TV listings?

3) Does the software allow the use of the MCE remote? my omputer is a standard Windows XP Home edition.

4) Is there any way to directly rip music in the system?

5) Can you veiw "teletext"?

6) is it possible to recive interactive "press red" services through digital TV?

7) The web browser function doesnt work, how do i enable this?

8) can the system receive digital TV signals?

9) how do you get album art on music?

10) can u integrate apple's I-Tunes Software?

11) and finally, is there anyway for the software to search the computer for meda software?

thank you for your time. freshMCE

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