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December 9, 2013
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So navigating to videos, bring a move poster up, right click (or hit F9), select number #2 - IMDB and bring the IMDB info for the movie, go to the menu on the left, you get to options Refresh and Trailers that I have questions about.

For Refresh... All movies respond the same way...It appears to go out and search IMDB and then comes back and says "No IMDB info found!? and displays the name of the movie below it. Click on the X in the upper right to get out of that pop up and it brings up the keypad for entry. You can type in the movie name here and it will find the movie and you can update. Why won't it find this information without having to type in the Movie title?

For trailers... At first all movies had problems. Click on trailers and you get a Online Videos error pop up stating "Error getting search results." That pop up goes away on its own and is replaced by a keypad entry dialog with the correct tt number for the movie already filled in the text entry field. You can click done on the keypad and it will give you the same error message pop up. As I said, all movies behaved this way at first, but now movies that I added days ago seem to be working correctly. I get trailers from IMDB. Why? Did I unwittingly do something to make it work? Or does something happen after several days and it just starts to work?

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