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July 24, 2011
This application fetches your rating from imdb and exports it to It also marks the movie as watched.
Moving Pictures will sync this data.
This is done by exporting your ratings history to csv from IMDB and reading it using this application.

This is a c# app, published in VS2012. It comes with a setup file. You can find the installed app in the start menu. Supported OS: Windows, versions unknown.

  • Always syncs all movies, so your profile will be cluttered with "You watched" and "Scored" - this can be avoided by editing the CSV file to only include the movies you want to update.
  • IMDB rating uses 10 stars, uses 5. Ratings are divided by 2 and rounded up.
  • Currently no way to export ratings to IMDB
  • Extract the zip
  • Run setup.exe
Fetch the IMDB CSV
  • Visit and log in
  • Click your username in the top right
  • Click "View your ratings history"
  • Scroll all the way down and click "Export this list"
Running the application
  • Run the application from the start menu
  • Enter username, password
  • Enter the full path to the exported IMDB CSV file, i.e "C:\ratings.csv"
If you have any questions, bug reports or feature request feel free to comment in this thread.


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