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    agreed. and if you encounter something alike, use named capture groups in the regex. then you won't need the substring hassle.
    If you want to know more; just contact me, since I worked on onlinevideos my regex-skills are the best :)


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    The substring hassle was done to use RegExp match with new hardcoded "tt" prefix.

    RegExp replace would have been better, but sometimes we take the easy route. Captured groups with the 2nd match would also worked, and then named groups are needed in the event preceeding groups are optional.

    Just must easier to kill off the old code and move forward, and I should do the same for IMDb+ as Amazon has made a lot of "upgrades", and I got a ton of legacy code, but then you stumble upon an older movie entry still using old format and things screw up, so I often leave it as-is, but then forget to check back in the event Amazon did finally update all references :)

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