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March 3, 2013
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I'm using MP1 / Windows 10 on my HTPC case with integrated iMON Remote and Display (Thermaltake DH101).

It worked when I was using Windows 7, but now after having some keys on my iMON Remote pressed, I get constant key presses (mostly SHIFT and 8, so lots of "(("). The amount of key presses even slows down the whole pc. Stopping IRSS does not solve it, the only way to stop it is to disable (uninstall) the HID Keyboard entry of iMON in the device manager. After a reboot everything works fine until some key presses, which will lead to the same situation over and over again.

I tried to install all Windows updates, installed the latest iMON drivers I found (from 2010), removed all iMON drivers, but whatever I do the problem persists. Everything works fine until a random amount of key presses (from about 5 to 50, I guess), when some keys on the virtual iMON HID device are "stuck". It really seems to be a driver issue, as putting a finger on the IR receiver does not get it to stop (so it's not a false input signal), and while those virtual keys are stuck, regular key presses are still detected.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Anyone of you maybe has iMON working with Windows 10?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hello, i have same situation, i think.
    It can appear than the receiver bug and repeat the same command in loop, the only solution for me is to push the key remote who is repeating in loop.
    I think the best way is to move on RC6 remote and keep imon only as display.
    About driver i don't use latest but old. Its the 7.60.0521 it work with win10, but i use only driver not the application.

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