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November 8, 2007
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Im trying to import my movie collection into MP. it takes far too long to manually enter the entire collection.

I noticed the import button, is this just for DVD Profile? Is it possible to import from, say; Movies Collectorz, ANT etc. ?

If not, do any of you know how to quickly import movies into DVD Profiler? Cant find a button for it :(

Thanks for any answers!

(hope it's the right section)


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  • March 19, 2009
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    OK, so I've beat my brains out trying to add movies to my database.:mad::mad::mad:

    1st step: RTFM - limited info

    2nd step: Searched in MP1 forum for "import" - a little help

    3rd step: Allow MP to scan selected folders - 5 out of 100+ found

    4th step: (beginning to sound like an AA meeting;)) Attempted manual input - Now have 28 files available to MP

    5th step: Load "Moving Pictures" (MVP) Plugin - Point MVP scanner to desired folders - apply manual edits
    (All movies found by the database search (± 50) show in MVP Movie Manager Tab) - Still only 28 available to MP

    6th Step: Deeper manual edits on "missing" files from within the Movie Manager Tab of MVP to include cover art local locations,etc... - Results fail to show in MP GUI

    7th step: Import all movies from DVD Profiler - All movies show in the Video Database Editor tab:confused:
    (Still only 28 available to MP) (Of course I now have dupes)

    Again I'll ask; is it possible to add user defined search databases ( i don't imagine so) :(

    SKS please point out my folly:eek:


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    July 5, 2008
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    Same problem with me - pgraded to MP 1.0.1 and only 30% sowed up in MP but in the Confg they are all there - wat's going on? So ended up going back to previous image of 1.0RC2


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    March 13, 2009
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    In my case its different: If i add videos in the config program, eg. for film-a, in the gui ther is no info. If i hit F3 in the GUI, i also find the IMDB entry und it is available in the GUI also after restart. Semms like the GUI and the config-program use different databases.

    MP Multi Seat on XP SP3.


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