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July 1, 2011

I've been using movingpictures for a while now and now decided to try MyFilms.

I want to do a fresh import of movies into MyFilms.
My "Import Behaviour" is set to "Auto match & ask if no match". With that selected I thought that it will auto detect most of my movie library and add it. What happens is that ti interrupts at every movie and I have to manually search for it.

One example of the naming:
MoviName.2009.UNRATED.Subs.DVDRip.XviD-DrSi\MovieName.2009.UNRATED.Subs.DVDRip.XviD-DrSi.avi - Movie Name 2009 - Movie found by user's manual selection

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?


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    Hi majis_files - yeah it's always an adjustment to learn the new methods. My Films actually supports several ways to import your films - so you can match your preferred workflow.

    For example, Import in GUI will match more films though possibly some wrong ones. You can also choose to import only media files/info when there is no match then manually update those in GUI Updates > Get Internet Info. This is the default method for GUI Imports.

    However, for most users for first time import of a whole catalog I recommend using AMCU as follows:
    1. Import using 'auto match only' first - it's a 'silent' import you can leave unattended
    2. Then change the import behaviour to 'manually match' and import all the movies that could not be auto matched
    Depending on the grabber you use you will have more or less movies to match manually - e.g. IMDb has so many movies with the same or very similar name even in the same year.

    Once you have created your catalog, you might prefer to import via GUI for adding new films, or just use the 'Auto match & ask if no match' you were using above. That's what I do.

    You can get more info about the various methods, and steps to follow in the wiki - Import Setup
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