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first of all i want to say thanks to Frodo and the rest of the team which develops MP ! Your are doing a great work.

I also want to thank Wolfgang Schneider who wrote tvm2xml. Without his program my own little program wouldn't have been possible.

Purpose of my java program:
Extend the description with Title, Category and Rating Information. This way you can search for the best rated movies within the next week or for all Comedys, Dramas etc in the next week or a combination of this.

To do this you simple search in the description as usual.
When searching for the very best movies only, your search criteria should be 5p5. For showing all "Tagestips and better" you should search 4p5 etc.

I also did put Categories in the description bescause the movies are not mapped to any categories by the standard EPG. Is this a general problem or do only i have this problem ?

To use my Programm you first need have tvm2xml installed properly
You also need a Java JRE Version 1.4 or higher

Then of course you need my java program with a short installation instruction which you can get by sending me a email. If someone is willing to but it on a website i will gladly give it to him and post the link in this thread. The program is still in very early alpha state. So please only email me if you want to play aplpha tester. I also do not know how much time i will spend to improve it since i asked Wolfgang to implement this feature into his tvm2xml program.


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    Hi peterl,

    is your plugin still existing and working?
    Would like testing it.


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