[WiP] Improvements the share loading time in My Video (1 Viewer)


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  • October 29, 2005
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    this branch will improve the loading of the share list in My Video. The results are depend on the network bandwidth. Unfortunately there is no information about loading of the share list in My Video so I created a patched build based on current master just for test the original speed.

    How to test it?

    1. Install the MediaPortalSetup_1.12.0_2015-09-05-14-13.zip build. This build based on current master, which is newer then our official 1.12 Final build, so there are some feature which is new for you. Here are some information regards merged branches.
    2. Test the loading of the share and notice the results based on mediaportal.log file. You should to test a folder with more than 200 file. Find the row in the log to see the timings: GUIVideoFiles:LoadDirectory is finished in xxx ms. Please repeat 3 or more times the test to see the average time.
    3. Replace the GUIVideos.dll and repeat the test. Please send me the results: what was the original time and the new time, and how many files were in the test folder.

    Please report any issue regards with this patch.



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