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January 30, 2006
Hi All

Some quick advice.

First of all, can some explain what i need in terms of a IR Reciver to interact with media portal. Do you buy a IR reciver or does it normally come with a case? I have noticed some included with TV cards....will they do? Some cases u pay extra for a display unit and remote, does the display unit contain the IR reciver? or do all cases come with IR reciver!!! Im really conufused by it all :(:(

It seems the cost of some of the silverstone boxes double if you get the display and remote. I really want to use the MCE remote. Is it cheaper to buy a seperate IR reciver? is it easy to install?

Sorry for going on, but i need some advice!

Also, I wondering what TV Card to get. I want to watch and record at the same time so i will need two cards or a dual card right? I live in UK and want to get freeview.... can anybody tell me what i need.

Thanks alot!


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  • March 24, 2005
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    For recording TV, are you after analog free to air/cable or digital free to air/cable ?

    Info on this might help with answering both the Remote ant TV card question.


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    February 18, 2005
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    In general, it is save to asume that, if you buy a remote, you'll also get some sort of a receiver. The Silverstone cases have a receiver in the case, just like the "eye" of your audio equipment or your DVD player. The MCE remote always includes an USB receiver, like you'll see here:
    (You may want to get another, newer version, but you'll get the point.)
    If you buy a TVcard/remote combi you get a receiver you can plug in at the back of the card (rare) or an USB receiver (common).


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    January 26, 2005
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    One of the recent new features of MP is support for IRTrans. IIRC that's an IR receiver in some HTPC cases. With MP's new feature you can use MCE remotes with that receiver out of the box. So you can drop the external receiver...

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    January 29, 2006
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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that not all remotes are IR. I have a Remote Wonder something or other Plus and it uses RF. I can control the machine from another room instead of just line of site. Nice if you have your system rigged to play music throughout the house or to pause TV from another room. The receiver doesn't have to be visible either.

    I do like the integrated IR recievers though. They are neat with no wires and you can usually turn on and off your HTPC from the remote.

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