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January 28, 2020
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I'm new to the world of HTPC and Media Portal but I've decided to give it a go since my Pioneer DVR-LX60D PVR failed and is apparently unrepairable.

I've subsequently built an Intel-based HTPC that initially allowed me to successfully watch streaming content (iView - ABC iview -, SBS - -, and of course Youtube) and DVDs. I've also moved my Audio Library to this machine.

I've now added a quad tuner PCIe card (TBS6205) and Media Portal 2. It's been a bit of a learning curve, but I've managed to complete the server and client configuration to the point that I can watch one and simultaneously record multiple free to air TV channels (of the ~30) available.

I'm impressed with the video image quality - both live and playback.

Now for my questions and frustrations:

1. When joining this forum, reviewing the "Welcome to Newcomers Forum", the link to System Specs failed so I'm unable to complete this section of my profile just yet.

2. One of the first issues I observed was the dropping of many characters on the client: program info pop-ups, seemingly all "o"s at the time. A client restart fixed this.

3. Does quitting the Media Port 2 Client and putting the PC mode to "sleep" stop the server executing the recording schedule?

4. The volume of video (from TV channels) appears to be low when compared to the keyboard confirmation "click"s and that of the DVD / CD / Audio Library. How do I adjust the audio levels of the TV channels? (An initial global control would be good, but as some channels run much louder than others, individual channel tuning would be better (and even better with automatic dynamic range and average/RMS power).

5. Because of my seating to screen distance , I set the size for screen text to 175%. This works fine for the Firefox web browser, but it makes the Media Portal 2 client unusable. It's almost impossible to get any mouse based interaction to work. Changing the text size back to 100% and restarting the client restored functionality.

6. I have a Logitech Harmony One remote that I'd like to use with Media Portal 2. This seems to raise two issues: a) Which IR receiver do I install (there seems to be quite a lot on the internet in regard to Windows 10 an missing IR stacks etc.), and b) where do I find the resources for programming the remote (I've yet to consult with the Logitech Remote configuration utility etc.) or another better remote?

7. For recordings made using Media Portal 2, I would like to edit them: trim of the pre- and post record buffers, delete advertisements, resize and compress. Which video editors are ideally suited to do this?

8. I've had a brief look the possibility of incorporating iView, SBS on Demand, Youtube and other streaming services. It seems that it can be done / is supported, so far no success. Where do I find the resources to do this?

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    Hello and welcome
    1. We changed the forum software two days ago which led to losing the System Specs part.
    2. I have recently observed this too, however, this is not a general phenomenon. I suspect Windows drivers. On my system letters begin to disappear after some time of use, but the reappear if I don't open the OSD for some more time. The situaiton is best described like a battery emptying itself and then recharging.
    3. The server operates independently and will record regardless of the client app being open or not.
    4. The volume levels can be changed in the Windows mixer. If you play music etc via bitstream, then all you need to do is to adjust the MP2 volume in the mixer and/or the Windows volume.
    5. We strongly recommend to not increase font size. You should also use MP2 in full screen mode (MP2 knows three modes: full screen, windows, windows always on top). Can't say anything about the mouse behavior.
    6. You need a RC6 compliant receiver. Your harmony remote is programmed with the Harmony software. Simply add a Windows PC to your devices. This will already provide a fully functional remote. Fine tuning can be done from within MP2 in the settings part.
    7. I use VideoRedo.
    8. Have you seen the OnlineVideos section in MP2?


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    January 28, 2020
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    Many thanks for your fast response.

    Hopefully I'll get to work through these items in the next few days.

    Kind regards.

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