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Sometimes i'm stuck in the mini epg guide and cannot navigate back. Channel changes and make tv channel fullscreen works strangely enough. But as soon i hit back on the remote, i get the mini epg screen and a black background. Sadly i cannot reproduce this (i will try to reproduce this again, somehow). It just happend two times in 1 week.

i'm using 1.16 Pre Release.

Here is the error:
[2017-01-05 16:33:54,183] [Error ] [MPMain ] [ERROR] - InputDevices - WndProc - exception caught from InputDevice: MediaPortal.InputDevices.HidListener System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: Der angegebene Schlüssel war nicht im Wörterbuch angegeben.
bei SharpLib.Hid.Event.GetDirectionPadState()
bei SharpLib.Hid.Event..ctor(Message aMessage, HidEventRepeatDelegate aRepeatDelegate, Boolean aRepeat, Int32 aRepeatDelayInMs, Int32 aRepeatSpeedInMs)
bei SharpLib.Hid.Handler.ProcessInput(Message& aMessage)
bei MediaPortal.InputDevices.HidListener.WndProc(Message& msg, Action& action, Char& key, Keys& keyCode)
bei MediaPortal.InputDevices.InputDevices.WndProc(Message& msg, Action& action, Char& key, Keys& keyCode)

Full log is attached.

Best regards

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