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If you have followed the procedures in theInstallation steps, and are still running into problems, try this:

Be sure to double-check the Minimum Requirements of MediaPortal to be sure you have all the necessary support files installed.

Then after receiving an error, check to see if you have actually installed it into a clean, empty directory.

You may have to backup your special configuration files. The easiest way to do this is rename the MediaPortal directory from:

  • C:\Program_Files\Team_MediaPortal\MediaPortal
Then, try to reinstall MediaPortal again, into the default directory.

Often disabling or trying a different VRML setting will help, due to different video/graphic card dependencies. Goto Setup>Options - MyTv under Video Renderer. Try each of the options to see if they will resolve your problems. Overlay will be most compatible, VMR9 Windowless/Renderless will give less compatibility.

Various errors/failures will indicate that you may not have installed all these files, or something like an external Mpeg1/2 codec is missing.

If you still cannot resolve your problem, locate the mediaportal.log, and the capture.log in MediaPortal root folder, and come to the support forums. Post this information in a thread along with your MP version, and basic hardware info. This will allow the devs to more accurately respond to your issue.



installation probleme

I am trying to install Media Portal (any version) but without success:
program hang with no Media Portal Skin but with the Bureau theme as Skin
my config is:

MB ASUS P4G8x de luxe
Pentium 4 2.4 Mhz
memory 512 MB
HD 80Gbytes
graphic card ATI radeon 9100 serie (with last driver 20/01/2005)
tv card Hauppauge 250 (with last driver)
windows XP Pro Sp2 (french language)
.net 1.1 with (hotfix KB886903)
.net 1.1 french language pack
directx 09c

the log files are :

21/02/2005 15:54:12 initializing DirectX
21/02/2005 15:54:12 exception: Warning: Nothing will be rendered.
The reference rendering device was selected, but your
computer only has a reduced-functionality reference device
installed. Install the DirectX SDK to get the full
reference device.

21/02/2005 15:54:14 running...
21/02/2005 15:54:14 Mediaportal.OnStartup()
21/02/2005 15:54:14 Recorder: Loading capture cards from capturecards.xml
21/02/2005 15:54:14 Recorder: card:1 video device:Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II Capture TV:True record:True priority:1
21/02/2005 15:54:14 opening tvdatabase
21/02/2005 15:54:15 tvdatabase opened
21/02/2005 15:54:15 PlugInManager.Load()
21/02/2005 15:54:15 PlugInManager.Start()
21/02/2005 15:54:15 Mediaportal.OnStartup()
21/02/2005 15:54:30 Mediaportal.OnExit()
21/02/2005 15:54:30 Card:1 stop
21/02/2005 15:54:30 PlugInManager.Stop()
21/02/2005 15:54:30 Mediaportal.OnExit()
21/02/2005 15:54:30 MediaPortal done


[ApplicationUpdateManager.StartUpdater] :
The Updater has started; the target application's name is 'MediaPortal'. Time started: 2005_02_21_15:54:12.

[DownloaderManager.RunDownloader] :
Checking on updates for application 'MediaPortal'.

[DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded] :
DOWNLOAD STARTED: Downloading manifest for the application 'MediaPortal'. Time started: 2005_02_21_15:54:12

[DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded] :

[DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded] :
DEST FILE: 'C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\xml\ServerManifest.xml'

[DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded] :
The metadata file (the Server Manifest) can't be downloaded for the application 'MediaPortal'.
Either the manifest is unavailable (check download URL in Updater config file), the downloader failed, or
the Manifest failed validation.
ERROR: L'ID de langue de ressource spécifié ne peut être trouvé dans le fichier image.
STACK: at Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.Downloaders.IBackgroundCopyError.GetErrorDescription(UInt32 LanguageId, String& pErrorDescription)
at Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.Downloaders.BITSDownloader.HandleDownloadErrorCancelJob(IBackgroundCopyJob copyJob, String& errMessage)
at Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.Downloaders.BITSDownloader.Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.Interfaces.IDownloader.Download(String sourceFile, String destFile, TimeSpan maxTimeWait)
at Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded()

[ApplicationUpdateManager.StopUpdater] :
The Updater is stopping updates for the application named 'MediaPortal'. Time stopped: 2005_02_21_15:54:30.

Many thanks in advance



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