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  • February 4, 2011
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    Both versions have sound, the thundebolt version via an adapter.
    (explained in the review from some posts before)


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  • February 4, 2011
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    You are totally right with what you've found and the power state s5 refers to a pc being shut down. I too found only websites which say that the nuc does not support cir, pretty pitty since this is a intel invention...


    August 19, 2012
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    I have this very device setup in my bedroom with a 32" Samsung LED thin smart TV. The unit runs MP flawlessly.
    I'm running windows 7 with MP 1.3 beta, the menus, TV guide, Vids and music etc run smooth with quick response times from my Hama VRC-1100 remote.
    HD playback is excellent, no micro-stuttering.

    The full setup is this -

    Intel NUC dc3217iye
    64GB msata SSD (550mbs Read / 500mbs Write)
    8GB DDR3 Ram
    Gigabit ethernet (no wireless as im not a fan when it comes to home theatre setup)
    Hama VRC-1100 remote (USB IR receiver)

    Windows 7 64 bit
    MP 1.3 beta with default Lav filters and MP Titan skin
    Avg Free

    I did alot of research on this unit and its a great bit of kit. The power consumption is awesome. 2W idle, although ive not tested SD/HD mepo but even at full load it wont be above 20W.
    The unit is, what i call silent - to hear it you need to put you ear against it! You could be in the room with just this unit on and you wont hear it, but your likely to have MP running anyway with sound form the TV so even if you have superman hearing you wont hear the unit.

    Boot times is next to nothing, roughly no more than 15-20 seconds from cold to a usable windows sate (although i can test for full accuracy if anybody wants). If you resume from standby then its instant, and certinly no more than a sky or freeview box.
    It can probs load a bit fast but I've not tweaked the BIOS yet.

    MP is fairly quick to load but the limitation here is the MP software.

    I use the Hama VRC-1100 remote with event ghost and the message plugin and it does all i need it to. I have to map a couple of personal choice buttons. i have the same hama setup in our living room.

    The unit does get a little hot, but nothing to worry about and its to be expected considering what it is. The heat hasn't cause me a trouble and i dont expect it to.

    My verdict is if you want a powerful, low powered machine - this is it.
    Hope this helps.


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