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March 26, 2011
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Anyone using the DN2820FYK(H)?
I'm finding it is just powerful enough for mediaportal and I use it on high GPU settings in power options.

My problem is that when I return to the computer after a few hours, it is very slow for about 30s. Afterwards speed returns to normal.
Navigation in mediaportal is slow, and media files play back but are mostly glitches until the computer speed catches up.

The computer is always on and is set never to sleep or hibernate.

I feel that it must be some sort of power setting and while the computer is not going to sleep, maybe there is some new intermediate state between sleep and normal use? Of course Intel always adjusts clock speed dynamically but that should adjust virtually instantly.

Any suggestions for how to fix this?



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  • December 20, 2011
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    Wonder if you are seeing HW power throttling, NUCs are small form factor with limited cooling, maybe it takes a while to cool down.

    no idea of what windows version you are running, but you can look at Task Manager Win8 shows CPU clock speed. Resource Monitor CPU window shows CPU activity (green) blue line shows clock speed.

    for win8, Control Panel, find and open Event Viewer > Custom Views > Administrative Events may show some power throttle events like this picture from the laptop I'm using with MePo1 running.



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    January 6, 2014
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    Hi CSMR

    Did you ever get a fix for this?

    I'm thinking about buying one of these in the new year for a second TV, how do you find running TV on the NUC and playing Films HD (720\1080p)?



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    March 26, 2011
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    Films: no problem
    TV: No problem with DVB-T can cope with DVB-T2.

    Slowness when returning to computer: I set it to restart every week just in case that helped. I have not done any thorough testing. This week I came back to it after not using it for a month (living somewhere else). It was responsive but sound took about half a minute to come on. Perhaps the sound drivers had gone into some sleep state and took a long time to come out. Returning to use it after only a day, there are no such problems. I'm not sure what the issue is but I don't need to investigate thoroughly as it's working well enough at the moment. (RonD: I don't think the original power throttling as that would only reduce system speed to 20% at a minimum so the UI should still be responsive.)

    For me it's working fine but if I were building again I would get an i3 or wait for Cherry Trail atoms for a bit of headroom and future proofing for HEVC content.

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