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October 7, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Diebagger, many thanks for the great app again. I'm really enjoying using it.

1 suggestion regarding the app interface. Apologies if this has already been discussed. I find that in a dark room the white theme of Ampdroid is blinding and a bit distractin.

How about bringing the black theme as you currently use in the settings part of ampdroid as an optional skin the user can pick?

The benefits will be
1. Less distracting than the white theme in a dark room on movie night
2. Much easier on battery life (amoled screens use almost no power for showing black)
3. TV show icons that are white with transparent backs show up much clearer (pity about the black icons)
4. Fits in better with ice cream sandwich android 4.0 theme

I'm really Eco conscious at the moment and point number 2 above is a big deal for me. With ampdroid I have been able to drastically cut my tv use as I can just whip open my galaxy tab to watch a live tv program. Fabuloys power savings as a result. Your app is that good - don't underestimate that.

Hopefully this isn't a hard one to implement. Look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks again

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