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  • April 29, 2013
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    I received and thoroughly tested that Inteset PC-IRS5-01 Universal Infrared Receiver.
    It turns out to be a really good IR receiver.

    It is fully compliant with the Microsoft MCE receiver specifications.
    Not only does it fully supports MCE remotes it has also full support for Microsoft Remote Keyboard and Mouse. It shows up as an eHome device in your Device Manager.

    On top of that it does intercept your power switch and can thus power on your PC even when completely turned off providing that it receives power either through USB or extra power cable. I believe you could even connect it to your ATX standby power much like I did for that Simerec PCS-MCE or much like SoundGraph did for their legacy iMON devices. In fact this should be quite easy since the USB power pin is set in its own housing.
    I find the power toggle works best if you shutdown your PC rather than putting it to sleep which is what this device was designed for anyway.
    Cables are easily connected and detached if ever you need to change your setup.
    Inteset-IRS5-01.jpg Inteset-IRS5-01-USB-cable.jpg Inteset-IRS5-01-USB-cable-details.jpg

    This little guy already ended up in my main HTPC.

    In fact the only issue I have so far with this kit is the lack of option for an internal IR extension.
    The eye on the board has no legs at all so if you can't place the board just before an opening on your case you need to use an IR extension cable.
    However the IR extension cable provided is just intended for external use with a long cable and an eye protected by a rather bulky housing making it inconvenient to use internally.
    Fortunately I have such a cable laying around here from another IR kit. I tested it and it works just fine with our Inteset board.
    It would be great if Inteset proposed such a cable though.

    Here is the Inteset IR extension kit:

    Inteset-PC-IRS5-01-IR-Extender.jpg Inteset-PC-IRS5-01-IR-Extender-adapter.jpg
    Here is the kind of IR extension cable I wish Inteset would propose for internal usage:
    HTPLEX-IR-eye.jpg HDPLEX-newIR3.jpg

    Here is the installation tutorial video.

    Full MCE remote, mouse and keyboard compatibility.
    Great connectors making it easy to attach and detach cables.
    Compact yet very functional form factor.
    Very flexible power supply options.
    Mounting bracket and screws provided.
    Printed quick start guide leaflet.

    No option for internal IR extension cable.
    No option for European external power adapter.
    Status LEDs are too bright.
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