1. A

    Setting up mediaportal 1 (version to work with G10 Voice Remote

    I've been using version for years and have found no need to upgrade to newer version. I hate it that skins loose compatibility with almost every new version. And new skins are too 'fancy' for my taste. I use a customized version of the default wide skin with only Videos and TV in the...
  2. badboyxx

    New remote key mappings don't work anymore in IRSS

    Long time ago I mapped several keys for different applications and they did work all flawless. Now I wanted to add some more mappings and found out that the new ones don't work. I don't know why but the logs are telling me that the key is not mapped. The screenshot below is showing that the...
  3. henrysinn

    Remote - W10 Gyro by Pepper Jobs

    Hi All Do any of you have any thoughts or experience with the W10 Gyro remote by W10 GYRO Smart Remote ? I recently received one and have to say it is fantastic on my Win 10 HTPC Seamless integration with no complaints AT ALL - yet :)
  4. Spaldo

    Bose universal remote with MP

    Hi, I recently purchased the Bose Solo 5 TV system. This soundbar has a Bose universal style remote included. MediaPortal is running on Windows with a Microsoft style MCE remote and receiver. When programming the Bose remote you are provided a list of codes to use, however, all the ones I have...
  5. Steve.Rayner61

    [solved] Yellow Subtitle button on remote - Initial press works, subsequent presses don't

    Hi all, This started for me after the 1.15.0 upgrade. When you press the yellow button whilst watching TV or video, you get the next toggle setting for subtitles, but subsequent presses of the button do nothing. You can get around this by pressing some other button in between (Such as volume up...
  6. Dr Morris

    Harmony Ultimate configuration

    Hi All, I've always struggled a little with my Philips MCE remote on Mepo but the basic functions have worked with a generic IR receiver for a good few years. However now have a Streacom FLIRC IR card and Harmony Ultimate to improve things. Many things work 'out of the box' with a FLIRC...
  7. S

    Radio per Smartphone oder Tablet steuern

    Hi, habe MP im Wohnzimmer laufen - alles super soweit. Möchte gerne darüber auch Radio hören und würde dazu gerne mit dem Tablet oder Smartphone die Steuerung übernehmen, damit ich nicht immer zum Fernseher muss und da mit der Fernsteuerung rumhantieren muss. Gibts dazu eine Lösung?? Danke Stephan
  8. P

    WMC Remote Will Not Open Anything (Recordings, TV Guide, ETC) When Minimised

    I start with MP1 minimised on my HTPC. With version 1.12.0 I can pick up my remote and press Recordings, Live TV, Guide etc and it bursts into action and works great. If i update to any version higher (no more WMC, just generic HUD) it wont launch anything from remote, it does nothing. If I...
  9. R

    [solved] How to get your iMon working with MP2 + IRSS

    Since i switched to MP2 i had serveral issues getting my Harmony Remote (configured as MCE Remote) working nice with my build iMon Reciver and Mediaportal 2 using IRSS. But i got it solved! Due to, there's no real tutorial i just want to give some hints how i done it. So what do you need: - iMon...
  10. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System Shut down when I press the sleep button

    I like my HTPC to shut down when I hit the power button on my remote control. The problem is that an MCE remote actually sends the sleep command when you hit the power button. By default on Windows (7, 8 and 10) the sleep button sends your computer into sleep mode. In your settings you can...
  11. Stéphane Lenclud

    Inteset PC-IRS5-01 Universal Infrared Receiver (internal) review

    I received and thoroughly tested that Inteset PC-IRS5-01 Universal Infrared Receiver. It turns out to be a really good IR receiver. It is fully compliant with the Microsoft MCE receiver specifications. Not only does it fully supports MCE remotes it has also full support for Microsoft Remote...
  12. R

    MP 1.13 screensaver & MessagePlugin issue

    I have recently upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (clean install), and upgraded MediaPortal to 1.13 (don't remember which version I was running before, I think 1.12). I'm using MessagePlugin in combination with EventGhost to receive events from my TerraTec H7 IR receiver. In...
  13. K

    [solved] (Kodi issue) MCE Remote not working in 1.13pre. Worked fine in 1.12

    Title kind of says it all. I have an MCE compatible remote, specifically a Mediagate GP-IR0GBK remote with transceiver. Windows recognizes the IR receiver as a Microsoft ehome HID device (along with the associated keyboard devices). In MP 1.12 I selected the MCE remote option, and everything...
  14. HTPCSourcer

    Operating System IR Receiver (USB) not functioning after standby

    Tagging: @azzuro , @RicoHTPC , @Brudertac Hello community, Problem: The USB IR receiver is not functioning anymore after the PC resumes from standby and/or hibernate. This thread is meant to collect information about the problem, discuss and test possible solutions until a general...
  15. M

    New android remote control app

    Hi everyone, i created a new android app as remote control for MediaPortal. It is free and focuses on usability and a high WAF. Find it on Google Play: Requirements: Mediaportal 1, version 1.6 or newer MPExtended 0.5.4...
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