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August 11, 2009
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Hi I am trying to play a m3u file from my IPTV provider, but when I try to install the TV part of Media Portal v1.3.2 I get an error that the TV server? can't talk to the MySQL database that was installed by MP.
I then find that when I try to restart my computer it just hangs for hours and so I have to hold in the power button.
When I uninstall MPv1 and then reinstall but select the choice to not add the TV feature the MPv1 works flawlessly and my computer restarts effortlessly. It's like my computer is hanging because of the database disconnection.
I read in another post that it was because of I had the MPv1 64 bit version which clashes with reading the SQL database.
So I uninstalled the 64 bit and installed the 32 bit but still get an error showing an IP address and problems connecting to the database.

What I don't understand is why there isn't a simple m3u player plugin that works like VLC. ie open an IPTV player then import the m3u then look at the channels contained and away you go. I don't need DVB channels to download to a data base etc, I just need to play the m3u given to me by my streaming provider.
Why do I have to install so many TV server components just to watch a m3u playlist please and thank you?
I love my MP but would also like to be cable to watch my IPTV channels.

The error box is "unable to connect to any of the specified my sql hosts".
Also I get a my SQL start service exception.
This happens during the TV server plug in part of the installation when I guess the MP tries to connect with the SQL database.

Thank you very much indeed


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  • September 27, 2009
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    First off: there are some issues with the latest Mediaportal (32bits vs 64bits), so that is one of the issues you're stumbling with.
    If you take the previous version (1.31) it should work as expected.

    For IPTV there is also a different option (with different pros and cons): Onlinevideos.
    I'm using that sometimes for my IPTV as the route through tvserver sometimes isn't 100% reliable (due to my provider)
    Pros of Onlinevideos:
    • Real time list of available channels
    • Simpler setup
    • Ability to use LAV splitter, which could improve stability a bit but lacks pause,rewind etc
    Pros of Tvservice:
    • Ability to have a tvguide so you can see what is currently on
    • Ability to schedule recordings

    Probably some more distinctions in usage, but these ones are of the top of my head.

    Coming to problem nr 2: Onlinevideos is a bit broken currently, we are transitioning to a working version again but that takes some time.
    Regaring the brokenness of OnlineVideos: I think I will able to help set up a working version at your end with a working IPTV should you choose for the OV route

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