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Timothy Cobb

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  • April 6, 2012
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    I have been searching for a couple days and have not found a solution

    i bought one of these...

    it comes with one blaster cable so i want to use it to do one of 2 things.
    -control the volume on my receiver
    -control (power on/off) the TV
    I have tried fooling around with the irss stuff but the furthest i can get is learning the remotes that i have for these two devices. when i then try to blast the signals to either of the devices it does not work. Furthermore, there is no light blinking on the blaster when i try to blast the signal as i have read so much about in the forums. I am completely new to the whole IR stuff, so its possible that i did not choose the right options when initially picking what kind of remote i have.

    Mainly i am hoping someone can tell me what remotes to choose in the irss software for the remote that i purchased (as i am thinking this is where my issue is) but if there are any other glaring issues that any of you experts see...Jump right in and let me know.


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