Is recording old Swedish programmes & their sub-titles possible ? (1 Viewer)


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December 3, 2015
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Hi :)

I used to speak Swedish years ago and because I'm going back there next year I need to brush things up again properly beforehand. On Swedish TV I've so far found one option on repeats to have subtitles in Swedish for those hard of hearing, so it's clips like these (link at bottom) among many others on their site that I want to record to practice with later.

Normally I wouldn't need to do this just watch them when I want, however we're still on the old telephone cable for the Internet and the connection is hopeless until British Telecom puts in a new fibreoptics cable sometime next year, so why I need to record them during quiet periods to avoid this problem.

Being a non-techie and the first time ever in this media world it's all very difficult to understand and follow, but is this possible with OnlineVideos and if so how.... ? Also any other websites offering the same would be very welcome indeed !

Thanks :)

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