Is there a way to disable a plugin quickly, without entering in MP configuration? (1 Viewer)

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June 12, 2008
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the thing is I have last MP installed in three computers (one server and two clients).
When I'm not watching or recording TV, I usually have the server off, and use MP to watch some movie through my home LAN.

I discovered that if I have the For The Record plugin enabled in the client PC that is connected to the TV, and I have at the same time the PC server off, the movie hangs when I use the pause or the go forward or backwards. There's a painfully delay of 10 seconds or more to resume the movie. The delay disappears if I disable the FTR plugin, but I always have to enter the MP configuration to do that.

Is there a command line or something I could use to disable and enable the plugin without entering the MP configuration or without exiting the MP player?

Thank you in advance

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