Is there any way to set a small delay after refresh rate is changed (before video starts)? (1 Viewer)


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September 21, 2009
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So, I have dynamic refresh rate enabled as it's almost a complete necessity, and it works great. However, my TV takes around 3-4 seconds to change the refresh rate and 'come back' (so to speak). During this time the video has already started playing. Not a huge deal during a movie or TV show but when using OnlineVideos to watch a 15 second clip, missing 4 seconds of it usually means I have to rewind after the picture appears.

So my question is, is there anywhere that a delay can be set where, AFTER the refresh rate is changed, mediaportal will wait X seconds before actually starting the video? If not, this would be a very useful feature. Having just 1 setting somewhere (probably best in the Dynamic Refresh Rate section) to set a 3 second delay or 4 second delay after changing the refreshrate would be nice. Just curious if something like this already exists?


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    There are also different methods of changing the refresh rate, currently you are using the default built in refresh rate changer, but you can configure mediaportal to run an external application/shortcut that will change the refresh rate. ie, you can set it to use catalyst control centre profiles etc etc.

    Download this and install it

    Then you can create the following file in notepad and save as 24hz.bat

    "C:\Program Files\12noon Display Changer\dc.exe" -refresh=24
    waitfor copydone /t 2

    the 2nd line is just a way of making the batch file pause for 2 seconds before letting mediaportal play the video, this gives time for the refreshrate change to kick in. If you're runing 64bit then the 12noon may be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\12noon Display Changer\dc.exe" -refresh=24

    make another file called 50hz.bat ; 60hz.bat etc etc then have mediaportal run the .bat file to change the refresh rate.
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