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October 15, 2005

i wonder if someone can confirm if this is correct please for setting up channels for my firedtv-s box in mediaportal for sky (uk)

1) autotune all channels in mediaportal
2) select backup in tvchannels to create channellist.xml
3) load channellist.xml into WEBEPG-CONF
4) go through all channels (about 300 slow process) in turn mapping each
one to
5) saving and then running webepg to create tvguide.xml
6) going back into media portal and pointing to this file in the program
program guide

if that is correct hopefully all channels should be there in media portal

if above is correct i only have 2 questions 1) how do i set up the channels in the EPG to be in the same order as my sky channels. 2) at which point do i remove unwanted channels because autotuning gives me all the regional channels as well eg..BBC (midlands) BBC (central) etc etc which i do not require

many thanks j


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  • February 16, 2005
    I don't use firedtv, but I think this will answer your questions...

    To change the display order, in MP/Config/TV/TV channels, click on a channel and then the Up or Down button. This will let you order the channels in MP. For any channels that you don't want to appear in the guide, simply remove the tick from the box to their left.

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