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October 23, 2005
First of all, hello everybody!

Some background, I live in Sweden and by the end of Mars 2006 there will be no more analogue TV-trasmitions in the area where I live. I have to do something, by a subscription and get the set-top-box for free or for a symbolic fee. And then end up with a monthly fee of $12 or something. I get some pay-channels that I don´t want. My thougt was to build a HTPC with a DVB-T card. As an initial research I bought a Twinham VisionPlus DVB-T card and installed it into my PC. First impression, well the supplyed CD did NOT get me a picture ... Downloaded the latest software from Twinhams homepage, turned out to work wery well. Wery god picture quality. To make a HTPC a need same sort of software to handle TV, pictures, record TV and so on. Media Portal seems to meet all my requirements. Now comes the funny part, there are two kinds of drivers. One that the Twinham-software uses and one that Media portal (and other similar softwares) use. Why is that ???? I downloaded Media Potlal and it dit not work at all, as for the DVB-T. Other functions worked normally i think. After discowering that I need a "BDA" driver to make it work I found two of them on Twinhams homepage, none working. I found one with a sligtly higher number on a German homepage that at least give some life. But not working. This actual card are on the list of supported cards, and a link to a modified "CaptureCardDefinitions.xml" could be found. That xml-file are not correct, I had to modify it to make Media Portal recognice my card and not shout ot that "Graph could not be created" But in the end it don´t work. The best result I got was a really freezing every 12 sec picture. But most of the times I can hear ½ a second sound and no picture. With the "normal" drivers and Twinhams application the card works well. This give me a flashback from the time when I tryed to make my matrox G200 with RainbowRunner working under Win2k. Not a funny story (It dont work!, Matrox gave up). The G200 are resting in the electronic graveyard nowdays ...

I would really like to get some help, and I am shure that there are many Sweedes that would aprishiate (spelling) info. By the end of 2006 there would be no anolgue TV to watch i Sweden.

Have a good evening!

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