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December 11, 2008
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Hello all, I am restructuring my music collection using various encoding formats, and I just found out MP can't read tags from some music files.
Mpeg Layer 2 .MP2: No (ID3v1+v2.3)
Mpeg Layer 3 .MP3: Yes (all ID3 versions)
Windows Media .WMA: Yes (WMA tags)
AAC .M4A: Yes (MP4 tags)
Vorbis .OGG: Yes (Vorbis tags)
Vorbis .OPUS: No
Musepack .MPC: No (APEv2 and ID3v1)
Wavpack Lossy and Hybrid .WV: Yes (APEv2)
FLAC: Yes (Flac tags)

I am using MP 1.12.0 Stable with ASIO BASS (Asus Xonar ST). Should I upgrade to the latest? Strange since it reads i.e. APEv2 from Wavpack files but not from Musepack files and I remember getting ID3 on MP2 files to work years ago.

All files play back OK.

All I get is "Track information not available" on my HTPC front display.


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December 11, 2008
Italy Italy
Just downloaded, will try. One quick question regarding hybrid Wavpack files: will Bass play them losslessly if it finds the same-name WVC correction file near the WV?


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December 11, 2008
Italy Italy
Just upgraded to 1.14.0-PRE but no change. Same file types play fine but without tags.
Just checked MP Log and found the TagReader warning messages.

[Log ] [16 ] [WARN ] - TagReader: Exception reading file \\nas0\ld0\Music Collection 4\AJ MCLEAN Have It All\01TEENAG.mpc. Data does not begin with identifier.

For Opus files the playback chain does not throw any warning, simply because it just calls g_Player.Play() without calling TagReader first.
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    I just can confirm that the MPC files are not handled corectly, because we have only support for V7 specs and you have v8 specs.

    can you upload MP2 and OPus samples to some file hoster and post the link please?


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    May 1, 2012
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    I can confirm this issue for opus files. I already reported it in this thread. In the attachment is a short fully tagged opus file for testing.

    With best regards



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