Issue with Hyperion setup, looking for possible troubleshooting


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September 9, 2017
So I've been building my own Ambilight setup using OSMC with Hyperion and WS2081 LEDs however I came upon a hiccup once I set it all up. When plugging the LED into the Raspberry Pi, I get an output that looks something like this: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Some of the lights are powered (however they don't function as per Hyperion), some of them are half powered and some are off. I tested all the LEDs beforehand using an Arduino and all of them are functioning correctly, so it's likely something to do with my setup.
I was wondering if anybody had advice regarding possible steps of troubleshooting steps I could look into, rather than just pulling the whole thing down and resoldering all the connectors.
Thanks guys.


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    Hi :)

    Best to post this on the hyperion forums here as more are Hyperion users are active there:

    Hardware Support

    Also recommend to include Hyperion config file there with some additional info like:

    - How it's wired up
    - Raspberry version and OS
    - Using Arduino in between or SPI?

    First guess is that it's an raspberry wiring issue so would double check with this:

    Since we know it works with an Arduino LED corner connections and such should be fine, no need to re-do those :)

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