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May 27, 2018
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Hello all,

after my tbs6981 dual s2 receiver card was broken and seems to be no longer avaiable online, i have purchased a tbs6902 dual s2 receiver card. I built the card into the computer, downloaded the driver version from shenzhen turbosight technology, installed the driver and everything seemed to work fine together with mediaportal 1.16.0 which i am running on a 64 bit windows 7 system. I performed a new channel search and assigned channels identically to both receivers.

I have got the issue that while recording a channel using one receiver of the card there are some channels which i cannot access using the 2nd receiver. Instead i got the error message "Timeshift cannot be started".

With the old card it was never a problem to record any channel while watching any other channel.

Note: I have checked the device manager: there is only one entry for the tbs6902 card. I remember there have been 2 entries when the old tbs6981 was installed, one for each receiver.

Is this a known problem? Thanks beforehand for any comments or suggestions.

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