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November 13, 2010
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Lately I'm having issues with importing a large movie collection. The Moving Pictures configuration dialog scrapes slowly and usually no more than 50-60 movies are imported of 1.000+ movies. Than the dialog stops responding and needs to be closed.
Because I did not have this issue before and I'm using quite some instances of MP with different older version numbers I started thinking: maybe this issue comes from a change in MP. I tried older versions from 1.19, 1.18, 1.17 down and only with 1.16 I had no issue anymore!
So now I'm installing 1.16 everywhere even though it's not recommended.


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November 13, 2010
Netherlands Netherlands
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@Edalex: I didn't know this in-GUI importer was a different piece of code. I thought it just used the engine of Moving Pictures configuration inside MediaPortal. I am already back to 1.16 on most of my relevant Home Theatres and that is working like it used to via Moving Pictures configuration. I will setup a new machine with Windows 10 and MP 1.20 and try your way of importing my large movie collection from within MediaPortal through your code. I'll report back here.

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