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November 19, 2005
Its been 2 days now since my first install, and I wanted to put some thoughts into print so here goes....

Guys - Thank you very much, for your time, development and vision in creating MP. I switched from MCE2005, and to be honest, its alot better at the moment in speed and reliability, but I see where you are trying to go with this and think it is brilliant . The level of customisation is great, and to think that a handful of developers in their spare time have put together this whole thing is nothing short of amazing.
When I think of how much money/time/development that Microsoft put into MCE, you have done so well to come this far, and never let anyone forget - Its free!
I am still learning about MP, it is just a vanilla install, so Im sure there is lots of tweaking to do to improve speed/reliability, and Im sure I will be posting lots of questions, but based on first impressions alone, Im impressed enough to send you $50, more as a thank you for all the hard work and a show of appreciation for what you are trying to do...

Well done Guys



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January 29, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
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I was going to start a thread, too

I want to chime in my "Thank you!" and add that I hope I will be able to help with future development.

Great product (with a great price!) and hopefully unlimited range of capabilities and features.

Great work, all, and thank you.

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