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July 15, 2012
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Hi all, want to know if there is a way of mediaportal to keep a record of deleted recordings , so it dont rerecord the same show ( i have got mcebuddy to move recorded tv show and rename them but when i delete the tv recording , mediaportal reschedules the repeat grrr any way of fixing this

many thanks


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July 15, 2012
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Yes i have that enabled , and that prevents it recording the repeats , but when i have to delete recordings from the tv recording folder for room for more recording it reschedules the repeat , so looks like mediaportal dont keep a database ie record of what it has recorded in the past after the delete hope im wrong cause dont want keep recording season after season of the same show lol

many thanks for you reply


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    What you want is not possible right now. For TVE to skip duplicate recordings:
    1. The database must contain the record for the previous recording with same episode details.
    2. The recording file must exist.
    If you can't meet these conditions then TVE can't skip duplicate recordings with that mechanism, and I could only suggest to investigate plugins such as TVWishlist.

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