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  • June 10, 2013
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    In the UK we are blessed with a DVB-T system that broadcasts radio channels in the TV MUXes. We are further blessed with a 7-day broadcast EPG that includes the radio channels. But the keyboard shortcuts for navigating the radio EPG are missing.

    The TV EPG has the following shortcuts defined in "keymap.xml"; these are defined as overrides to the global keyboard shortcuts:

    F5 and F6 -- scroll the EPG horizontally by 3 hours.
    F7 and F8 -- decrease or increase the size of the time window ("time block").
    F1 -- change to default size of time window.
    HOME -- scroll the EPG to the current date and time.
    "i" and "u" chars -- scroll the EPG horizontally by 24 hours.
    "q" and "a" chars -- display next or previous TV group.

    The Radio EPG has only the F5 and F6 definitions, because those are in the global section in "keymap.xml"; the other definitions are missing.

    To correct this, I copied the definitions for window id 600 (the TV EPG window), and in the copy changed the window id to 762 (the Radio EPG window). I also corrected several of the descriptions which were misleading. I have tested the modified "keymap.xml" and it works well.

    I have included the old and new "keymap.xml" files in the attached zip file, along with a DIF file showing the differences between the two, plus a "dif.bat" to generate the DIF file (uses Windows built-in "fc.exe").

    I hope that one of the developers will adopt this change and include it in the next release. Thank you.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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