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Hello to everybody, :lol:
this is my test-pc:

Area: Media Portal Program
Skin / Plugins / Other
MP Version: Lastest (1.3.0) with lastest CVS
Skin: Default
Windows Version: WinXP SP2
CPU Type: Via C3 1,3 GHz
Memory: 512 Mb DDR 400
Motherboard Chipset: Via CN400
Video Card: S3 Unichrome Pro IGP (compatible MCE)
Video Card Driver: Lastest from Via website (
Video Render Type:
Video Codec Type & Version:
Audio Codec Type & Version:
TV Card: Lifeview DVB-T Hybrid (new version of Duo, same drivers)
TV Card Type: DVB-T
TV Card Driver: lastest from producer (2.7.02)
Optional Log:
Optional References:

Im able to make tv card work with video analog signal (with no audio) and with analog FM radio, but when i try to configure the digital signal DVB, MP report "unable to create graph for this device", and no way to use the card :cry: .

I try to move the DVB-T card on my home PC, an Athlon XP 3200+, 512 Mb DDR 266, Geforce 4 MX with 64 Mb, Win XP sp2 but no way, the same results.

The card works fine with the application provided with, and i'm able to see analog and DVB signals fine.

In another post, i read that MP works fine with 2.2 or 2.5 version of the driver, even if the BDA Driver 2.7.02 is WHQL certified. But i dont know where find the previous version of the drivers. I wrote to the lifeview, but they answer me in TAIWANESE!!! :shock: :evil:

I was thinking to look for a generic version of the driver for Philips Chipset of the card (MP see my card as Philips 7xxx generic card).

I hope i explain clearly the problem.

Thanks for attention



Hy, i'm back!

Sorry for the delay :lol:

I've tried to modify the xlm file containing the definitions for the card, verifing the connection of the card with graphedit, and the card now is still working!!!!

Now i've formatted the pc (it had an hdd full of s...t, too many test!) and i must reistall OS and MP, and the i'll post the parameters for my card in the forum.

I want to install the 2.0 version of MP and check if the card still work.

Do you think that is a good idea to send to DMAN the data of my card?

Anyway thanks for your help.

I'll back with news of Lifeview DVB-T Hybrid card and MP 2

Best Regards



i've pasted here the section of the CaptureCardDefinitions.xml flie with data of my DVB card.
Note that appending the section at the end of the file, MP isn't able to detect the card.
Modifing the present section of "Lifeview FlyDVB-T" card, the card works fine (only in DVB signal).

<capturecard commercialname="Lifeview FlyDVB-T Hybrid" capturename="713x BDA Digital Capture" devid="ven_1131&amp;dev_7133&amp;subsys_33065168&amp;rev_d0">
<capabilities tv="true" radio="false" mpeg2="true" mce="false" sw="false" bda="true"></capabilities>
<interface cat="capture" video="2" audio="3" mpeg2="1" sectionsandtables="5"></interface>
<filter cat="networkprovider" name="Microsoft DVBT Network Provider" checkdevice="false"></filter>
<filter cat="tunerdevice" name="713x BDA DVBT Tuner" checkdevice="false"></filter>
<filter cat="capture" name="713x BDA Digital Capture" checkdevice="false"></filter>
<connection sourcefilter="networkprovider" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="tunerdevice" sinkpin="0"></connection>
<connection sourcefilter="tunerdevice" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="capture" sinkpin="0"></connection>

Best Regards


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  • June 7, 2005
    can you use the analogue and digital part of your card at the same time? Or can you at least switch between then under mediaportal, without using the setup?

    I'm asking, because I think about buying this card.

    bye, urev


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    June 10, 2005
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    LiveView DVB-T Duo

    Hi there,

    I have the previous version of the duo card and I have never managed to get the analogue tuner to work within Mediaportal. Also, have never managed to get the SVHS or CVBS inputs to work either.

    Have tried building the graph and updating the xml file to no avail. Gave up on it in the end and just make do with the DVB-T tuner which works flawlessly. Would be very interested to hear if anyone has managed to get this working at all.

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Hi Rael and madmonkeyman

    lifeview DVB-T only digital support as per the card supported link states msi animation technologies own software not supported by MP and the chances are never will (as analog phased out) but digital and radio fully supported in 1.3 and 2RC1 ps latest CVS tv stopped working looking at the moment anyone out there with the same problem kicked in on cvs 19112005

    Ray 8)


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    December 19, 2007
    hello @ all

    i've the same prob ...

    but there is no CaptureCardDefinitions.xml in my mediaportal directory :eek: - so what is the mistake?

    perhaps ms vista?

    thanks & greetings...


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    August 15, 2007
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    same CaptureCardDefinitions.xml and again vista

    (note: using a diff dvb card tho)

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Yes for Vista Capturecardsdefinitions.xml is under Program Data\teammediaportal\mediaportal.

    you will need to enable "see hidden folders".

    With TVE3, you do not need to add anything, should pick card up direct from driver (bda).

    Please do not pick up on really old posts like this one, as info may change including TV analogue support has now not been dropped, as my previous post hinted it was being.


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