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November 8, 2018
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Hey Folks, I'm new here. I'm in the middle of trying all sorts of HTPC options to replace the venerable but ageing WMC HTPC.

MediaPortal 2.x is just about everything I want (almost everything else sucks or doesn't work fluidly enough). But there's one issue:
When I run MediaPortal, it immediately accesses networked or USB connect harddrives. I assume it's to scan for changes. This is annoying especially when I only intend to watch a TV session. Is there way to tell MediaPortal to only scan for changes when I look at the video/series/movies files?


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    Hello and welcome,

    When I run MediaPortal, it immediately accesses networked or USB connect harddrives. I assume it's to scan for changes.
    AFAIK (I may be wrong though) MP2 is not generally accessing attached drives unless you've defined shares in the MP2 setup that reside on these drives. In this case the access is necessary for the server to be operational. If you did not define any shares then verify the recording and timeshifting paths in the TV configuration. These paths are required by the TVServer plugin to work.

    It is difficult to tell more without a log (in DEBUG mode).
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