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  • April 1, 2010
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    I've not found forum post or issue to match (so it's probably obvious:-< but I've noted that with latest (possible older version - had latest since release) that if I have more then 20 series per Genre, the listing of series in the scrolling text window, then only 1st twenty (by alpha sort) are listed.

    The series view is perfect. This is in multiple skins (assumed it was my tinkering in Frames skin on dev box at 1st, but Default Wide, the 1.3 Beta Default & Chorma all same and both Dev & live services).

    In every other respect, MPTV-Series behaves 100%, so I'm not sure of this is issue with 1.3 Alpha or the plugin.

    Not a big deal, and one I've simply not spotted before and while I've tried to find limit in code base, no joy (I'm a Unix bod, give me awk & perl, not C# any day).

    Cheers - JCMP

    NOTE - I keep Dev & live service in sync manually, running same updates, but DB's are distinct, so it's not broken DB.


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