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  • September 29, 2005
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    Hi, a have a very weird bug.
    I specified a list of shares in the movie section

    01 series on //server1
    02 series on //server2
    03 films on //server 4
    05 series on local computer


    Now the weird thing is the following.

    when accessing the following share: //server/series/24

    the following happens:

    No movie files are shown inside the //server/series/24 folder but if I go to explore.exe and enter the share manually the files DO SHOW UP in explorer.

    AND this is REALLY irritating, if I hit the back button ALL shares are gone.

    thats right I cannot access any share. If I then exit MP and start it up again I get the list back.

    It's seems to be only this folder cos I have a huge list of series with all the seasons ( 50 or so ) and a 2 TB volume and the 24 folder with all 4 seasons is the ONLY folder it does this

    running RC2 with the latest CVS

    Can anyone help with this, cos it's realy annoying :shock: [/b]

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